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Are straight allies allowed to join Qommunity?

Straight allies are more than welcome at Qommunity! In fact, we built Qommunity for you too! The way we view it, a social network is like a party. The queers are just hosting this one, but everyone is invited. (Of course we have ample "bouncers" should anyone prove to be a troublemaker, however they identify.)

In building and expanding Qommunity we've learned fast how our straight allies get bullied, humiliated, persecuted, and discriminated against as well--simply for supporting their LGBTQ+ fellow human beings. We are a family of humanity before we're anything else. And if we don't stand together, then we're all adrift alone. 

Straight supporters of LGBTQ+ folks need a safe and supportive space to explore and express who they are as well. And this is that place.

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