I'm having trouble signing up. It keeps routing me back to the same form. How do I successfully complete signing up?

First of all, thank you for your desire and effort to join Qommunity, and we are so sorry that you are having difficulty signing up. We truly value your time and regret that this initial part of the process did not going as smoothly for you as we hoped it would've. Thank you as well for seeking out this FAQ and continuing to try and get your Qommunity membership set up. We are profoundly grateful and are 100% committed to helping you start your membership, even if we have to start it for you.

Please review the most common errors that could cause a Signup form not to submit properly:
  1. If you're trying to login for the first time using Facebook or Twitter and you do not yet have a Qommunity account, this will not work. You must first Create an Account at Qommunity, and then logging in through Facebook and Twitter will work for you.
  2. If you copy/pasted your email into the email address, there is the possibility that a blank space accidentally got left in front of your entry. If your email address appears to start with a blank space, it will return an error that email addresses must only contain alpha-numeric characters. Simply remove the blank space preceding your email address and start again.
  3. There is a small required checkbox beside our brief Member Safety Agreement of No Bullying or Harrassment, No Pornography, and No Illegal Activity. If you do not check this checkbox, your membership form will not be processed.
  4. Qommunity is a 12+ community. If you are under 12 then unfortunately you will not be able to sign up for an account until you turn 12. (We look forward to meeting you then!)
If you're still having trouble signing up, please Contact Us so that we may personally assist you.